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Originally published 2009

“Did you ever touch him or have him smile at you? Did you ever really listen to him? Did he ever do a mean thing? Was he ever himself associated with violence or any public disturbance? For if you did, you would know him. And if you knew him, you would know why we must honor him…”Ozzie Davis, Eulogy of Malcolm X


The early hours of February 16th a man lay dying on a Seattle sidewalk, shot as he walked through his beloved neighborhood home to his family after work.

Raised in the Central District, Tyrone Love was unique. At 26 years old he provided for his mother and sisters Gwen and Christyna, and girlfriend Margarita Quevedo-Walker.

Tyrone ran a successful business, Vibrant Entertainment 206, with partners Jamar Jones and Bruce Williams.

Talk to those who knew him best and the description is consistent: Tyrone focused every day on giving back and making a positive difference in his community.He was the peace keeper, the idealist, the one to turn to when you needed a non-judgmental ear or honest advice.He was the big brother, the best friend, the one who always had something positive to contribute.He was never concerned with himself and always put others first.... read more


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